In addition to the sequel to Loss and Found and the next production of Interruptions,
we’re in various stages of development for the following projects. Look for them soon.

1. Losses and Gifts, the sequel to Loss and Found, with the experiences of 35 individuals.
2. Slingshot, a novel taking place in the future and the past, by Gary Young.
3. Don't look Like You Just Rolled out f Bed, a woman's guide to self-improvement, by Kathy Young.
4. On Hold, a new play, written and performed by Gary Young.
5. It interactive story book for children designed to be read aloud, by Gary Young.
6. I’m a Shoe, a play. On a cruise ship, the wrong person dies, the wrong person takes charge, the wrong jewels are stolen,
and the wrong person has to disappear, by Gary Young.
7. Sig Alert,
a play. On the highway to Las Vegas. An unusual roadblock, causes surprising interactions, by Gary Young.
8. The Tenor, a play. A wasteland full of riches just out of reach, by Gary Young.
9. Time’s Up, a play. In an Egyptian tomb. Who do you expect to meet in such a place? Think again. By Gary Young
10. Cartoon Heroes by Gary Young.
11. Chabanais, a play. France, 1890. The nightlife and absinthe. Based on the photographic essays of Brassai. By Gary Young.
12. Dawn on Cephys and other short stories, by Gary Young.
13. The Weasle Who Caught the Measles, a children’s book, by Kathy Young
14. Brandon Bonwert Learns to Believe in Himself, a children’s book, by Kathy Young
15. The Nine Lives of Cozy Cat, a children’s book, by Kathy Young
16. Everything was Spoiled Milk, a children’s book, by Kathy Young

Except for Losses and Gifts, the above projects are completely separate from the books about Young Widowhood.
They are completely fictional, although some are based on historical fact.