Thanks to the following Angels:

George Baulch Bette Baulch
Marsha Wallace Beverly Natelson Dianne Bye
Shawn McKewen David Ackert Jack Rogers
Dan Pasley Cynthia Baer Devon Schwartz
Kat Jensen Doug Voyles Linsay Hurwitz

 (in order of appearance)

Company A:  Company B:
Gary Young Bob David Lindstedt
Karen Michael   Nancy  Kathleen McMartin
Julie Ann Lowry * Erin Nancy Newman+  
Jennifer Parsons* Linda   Amy Benedict*+
Gabe Cohen Nathan Randy Herman  
Adam Gregor * Zoltan Adam Gregor*
Gabe Cohen Mitch  Randy Herman
Kerry Michaels* Freda  Kerry Michaels*
Kathleen McMartin Bonnie April Audia+
Faith Salie*   Melissa Jeanna Phillips+
April Audia+ Julia Dorothy Sinclair*
April Audia+ Waitress Dorothy Sinclair*

*The artist appears through the courtesy of Actorâs Equity Association. +Played other characters in addition to their main character

               Set Design: Burris Jackes    Stage Manager:Parker Young  
House Manager & Food Stylist: Kathy Young