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Interruptions - a life, a death, pizza, dancing and Murphy's Law
A serio-comic look at the plight of Bob, a recent young widower, dealing with
the death and celestial presence of his beloved wife, Linda. He is aided
unexpectedly by Zolton, a loony pizza salesman (or is he?) and Nancy, his
amorous and concerned sister-in-law. Further attempts to advance his road
to recovery are offered by the slightlly askew chums at his weekly support
group. Bob is given "permission" to grieve, and therefore, get well,
as he maneuvers through a succession of "Murphy's Laws."
Comedy-drama. 3 men, 7 women (with doubling)

On Hold
A new play, written and originally performed by Gary Young. Is there such a thing
as male maturity? Can you sum up a life and fix everything with one phone call
to a pop psychologist? Five characters tackle this while on the telephone,
on hold, waiting to speak to a radio pop-psychologist. We gather a bit of
insight and have some fun as we nurture this man through his own "stuff."
length comedy-drama, with separate segments.

I’m a Shoe
On a cruise ship, the wrong person dies, the wrong person takes charge,
the wrong jewels are stolen, and the wrong person has to disappear.

One-act, comedy.

Sig Alert
On the highway to Las Vegas. An unusual roadblock, causes surprising interactions.
One-act, comedy-mystery.

The Tenor
A wasteland full of riches just out of reach.
One-act drama.

Time’s Up
In an Egyptian tomb. Who do you expect to meet in such a place? Think again.
One-act comedy.

Cartoon Heroes
Super? Real? Imagined? Where does our real strength come from?
One-act dramedy.

France, 1890. The nightlife and absinthe. Based on the photographic essays of Brassai.
One-act drama.

Say Goodnight
A father and son coming to grips with father/son communication,
emotional conflicts, mortality, and messy eating.

Ten-minute comedy-drama.

Cubs Lose Again
The Cubs and the Red Socks pair of in the ultimate world series.
What could go wrong? It does.
Ten-minute comedy.

Rehearsing the Dutchman
Caught between the Actor's Dream and the perpetual rehearsal,
two people battle their way to their art.
Ten-minute comedy-drama.

The Godfather's Waiter
Michael Corleone, Sollozzo, and the Police Captain McCluskey...
well, actually the waiter that served them that night; he's a person too!
Ten-minute Comedy-drama.

It's not the ledge that's the problem. It's the housekeeping service.
One-minute comedy-drama.

~~Other ten-minute and one-act plays~~

The Rose Garden

I See Living People

The Herbalist





Red Head

Don't Ask your Mother; She Doesn't Know a Damn Thing